About Visanou

The Noavaran Melal Mandegar Immigration Consultants Institute, registered at 49979 under the well-known Visanou brand, was formed from a newer idea than what had been going on among existing immigration agencies in previous years. The Visanou formation process was based on a new plan to provide services and facilitate the steps related to immigration and pre- and post-migration activities of people eager to experience living in the new country

Of course, In the formation of Visanou, the strategy of a new idea alone was not enough. Visanou was founded by Mr. Kourosh Rafieifar with years of research, implementation and experience in holding and attending various gatherings and conferences in the field of immigration. He also from adolescence due to curiosity and special interest in the experience of living in the new country, constantly sought to acquire up-to-date knowledge and acquire sufficient skills for immigration affairs. At the age of 18, he was recognized as the top and youngest teacher among the prestigious English language teaching institutions at that time. After entering the field of IELTS training courses and of course various connections established in Australia, he started his cooperation with reputable Iranian registered lawyers living in Australia and New Zealand

Due to the beginning of this cooperation at youth age and of course his intense interest in acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of immigration laws, to date, he is one of the most successful immigration consultants and experts in the field of resolving the cases of immigration applicants to different countries

See working and academic resume of the entrepreneur of Visanou

:Visanou believes that together we can achieve common goals. Why so

Honesty, commitment and knowledge along with desire can make it possible to achieve any goal

Visanou’s organizational slogans convey the real needs of those interested in migrating to a new country

Needs that have been well identified due to years of experience in this field, and a response has been considered for each of them in our services

…. Visanou, a new plan for a new beginning


Visanou currently has a physically active office in Iran and registered partner offices and trading partners in the Britain, Germany, and Australia. Our partner offices in Iran have the necessary licenses under the supervision of the oversight bodies of the Ministry of Labor and International Legal Affairs, which is only a step towards assurance and transparency of our work. Because our reputation among immigration applicants is more known for the quality of services and how to respond patiently and compassionately along with intelligence about existing rules and conditions

The whole vision and organizational path of Visanou is defined according to international management standards, and the main purpose of compiling this immigration institution is to offer, guide and implement the best legal immigration route for applicants

Along with a group of experienced immigration experts in Iran, using a basic lawyer of a court, expert in holding international language exams and experienced translators of the translation department, create a unique immigration team from Visanou to provide decent services to applicants

“All your immigration demands are met in Visanou. This is a real commitment to you.”

!Just trust us once

We will always respond to you with a smile

working and academic resume of the entrepreneur of Visanou

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